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Reputable Breeder vs. a Backyard/Hobby Breeder

A Reputable Breeder

  • Has the dog's best interest at heart

  • Is looking for a forever home for the puppy

  • Competes in conformation events with their dogs

  • Will ask questions about your life and your knowledge of the breed

  • Will want to know why you want the puppy

  • Will be honest about their dogs' health

  • Has a breeding program

  • Actively shows their dogs to improve and preserve the breed

  • *Will replace a sick or deceased puppy


Bottom line: a reputable breeder is concerned more for the dog than the money.



*Usually breeders have a contract or policy so be sure to ask questions regarding this.



A Backyard/Hobby Breeder

  • Has little to no interest in the wellbeing of the dog

  • Is looking for someone to purchase the puppy without regard to whether or not this person will keep it forever

  • Generally does not compete in Conformation

  • Will ask few or no questions about your life and your knowledge of the breed

  • Does not care why you want the puppy, but just want your money

  • Will not be honest about their dogs' health

  • Neither have a breeding program nor show their dogs

  • Will rarely replace a sick or deceased puppy without a fee for another


Bottom line: a backyard/hobby breeder is concerned with stuffing their wallet more than the well-being of the dog.

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