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Crate Training 101: Crating my Dog or Puppy

Teaching your dog or puppy to stay calmly in a crate will benefit you and your new pet.So many questions arise when the word "crate" is used. "Why use a crate?", "Isn't it cruel to put a dog in a crate?", "Won't my dog hate it?" etc. All of these questions have answers which I will discuss below and help you know how to properly use a crate.

Why use a crate?


1. Crates are a great way to keep a curious puppy safe from electrical wires and various other things that are dangerous.

2. Crates are a great house training tool (I will discuss that more on my potty training page)

3. Crates give dogs a safe place to go to have alone time. 

Isn't it cruel to use a crate?

The simple answer is no, however, there are some rules to using a crate. The crate is only a tool.

Rule #1: Be patient with yourself and the puppy or dog.

Rule #2: Do not just put a dog or puppy in a crate, leave and expect them to be okay with it. Sometimes it is necessary to condition your puppy or dog to being alone (I will discuss this later).

Rule #3: Never leave the puppy in there for extended periods of time because they can develop separation anxiety.

Won't my dog hate it?

 There are two answers:

Answer 1: At first it is possible that your new dog or puppy will not like the crate. New puppies especially because they do not want to be alone.This can be helped by conditioning your puppy to be alone in the crate*.

Answer 2: Most adult dogs like the crate unless they have separation anxiety from a previous situation. Just like people, dogs need alone time. They like to have a place of their own to go to away from noisy kids or busy homes.

*see "Crate Training 102" under "General Dog Info and Training"

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