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Ivy Leigh, BN

Ivy came to live with us in the year of 2008 and she was 2-3 yrs old. She was located at an animal shelter in Alabama. We went to pick her up and I fell in love. I gave her her microchip for the people there (amateurs lol). We got her home and she peed all over the house. She had a urinary tract infection so we got that taken care of. She was a stubborn, cat eating, trouble-making girl but I had no regrets. After much training and dedication, she and I earned her Beginner Novice title through the AKC. She only competed at 4 obedience trials and earned her title in 3.  Fast forward to now, she aged slowly and gracefully. She had little to no health problems except for old age and arthritis. Just in a few days she rapidly declined and couldn't walk. It was a hard decision but on January 8th she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. There is a huge hole in my home and in my heart. She will forever be missed!


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