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So far, so good...

I have started a partial raw regimen on Stella and it is going well. She was a little skeptical of the raw chicken back, but she now has the hang of it. She gets the Blue Ridge Beef in the morning and chicken or Cornish hen in the evening before her kibble and raw egg. Her gut is still adjusting so we are using probiotics to help with that. I am still skeptical of raw poultry, but I am unsure of what other meats are available with bone from the grocery store. A trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market was helpful because they sell so many different types of meat and fish. To be honest it was quite overwhelming and really only felt "safe" with getting chicken. We have not tried fish yet, perhaps that will be next!

If you know of any place that sells raw meaty bones, please tell me. So far Kroger is the only place I have tried. Apparently, they give their “scraps” to the cosmetic companies. I have yet to check Ingles or Publix. Not sure if “butchers” actually exist anymore!

Please let me know of other "meaty bones" suggestions you may have! Thanks

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