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The "raw food" Series

Lately, I have been reading and learning about feeding raw food to my Saluki, Stella. I have always been hesitant to feed 100% raw for various reasons. One main reason is that I want my dogs to have a balanced diet containing all that they need for a healthy life. There are many things to think about when considering a raw food diet. For example, the proper handling of raw foods which includes bacteria and preventing illness.I have read that properly freezing the food and only thawing what is needed that day is the way to go.

I have fed partially raw before and have done so with no problem. I have feed raw organic grass-fed beef and raw organic cage free eggs, but that is as adventurous as I have gotten! Along with feeding a good quality food I want my dogs to have the nutrients from raw food as well.

Some of the foods/diets I have considered adding are:

· The Raw Meaty Bones diet (link to article below)

· Blue Ridge Beef (link below)

· Raw chicken backs, hearts, kidneys, turkey necks etc.

· Raw fruits and veggies

· Small Batch Pet Food

The idea of my dog dragging and chewing a dead carcass across the floor does not persuade me that this is a good idea. However, I think that there are ways to do this without your floors becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and other disgusting things. I have decided to try Blue Ridge Beef and some of their options of raw foods for dogs as well as some raw meaty bones. I will continue to do partial for now and see how that goes.

Some things I am looking forward to seeing are cleaner teeth, smaller stools and better hair growth. We shall see if this raw diet does its job!

I would love to hear your opinion. Do you feed 100% raw or you feed partially raw? Have you ever fed raw food to your dog before? What do you feed your dogs now?

I would also love to know some questions you may have in regard to dog food and diet. Perhaps it will help me think outside the box!

Raw Meaty Bones Diet Guide

Blue Ridge Beef

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