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The Raw Truth

I would like to give an update on how our raw diet journey is going. What a difference raw makes! I can already see a difference in Stella. She is more satisfied, not wanting to eat 24 hours a day and her running along with the food has produced great muscle. Before she was eating three times a day, over three cups, and she was still hungry and did not have proper muscling compared to the amount of running she was doing. I am 100% sold this is the way to go.

I have been reading Tom Lonsdale’s book Raw Meaty Bones and it has enlightened me as to how the dog food industry produces food and how the dog’s body digests cooked food vs. raw. While I know that dogs have been eating “dog food” for years, there is always a better way. My elderly dogs who have eaten high quality dog food their whole lives are doing great, but I am certain that dogs are healthier on raw diets from now personal experience and the experiences of my friends.

I recently ordered meat from a place called Hare Today and the articles they provide are very informative. One thing that made me go raw 100% is that the dog’s body digests raw and cooked food at different paces with different amounts of digestive help from the pancreas. It takes a fraction of the time for dogs to digest raw compared to kibble or processed dog food. I will post the article I read below so that you can access it as well as the link to Raw Meaty Bones.

Currently, Stella’s diet is as follows:

AM- 1 lb of Blue Ridge Beef (various kinds alternated)

PM- 1 raw meaty bone such as chicken thigh, quail, hen, turkey neck and chicken necks.

She weighs 41 lbs and looks fantastic!

Every other day or when Stella has exerted a lot of energy I give her pureed raw veggies and fruits. She loves it and eats it like ice cream!

I also purchased rabbit for Stella to try. Let’s just say that rabbit is not her favorite! She turned her nose up at it multiple times with me sitting on the floor trying to entice her to eat it. She tasted it and then walked off. We did this multiple times and, much to my dismay, my hopes of my rabbit hunting dog eating rabbit were crushed……and my wallet was thinner. Lessons learned! However, we may try again as she gets older and her palette changes hehe.

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