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What you need to know before purchasing a dog

If you are considering purchasing a dog, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make that final decision:

Have you read about the breed you are interested in?

Ways you can learn about the breed:

  • Visit the parent club website.*

  • Visit local dog shows or a friend who owns the breed you want. Click here to visit now!

  • Ask a lot of questions.

  • Get emails and contacts of people who own that breed so you can ask questions when they come up- and they will!

Have you prepared your wallet, home, and schedule for a new family member?

  • Getting a dog (especially a puppy) can be costly. It is important to realize dogs are ten to fifteen-year (or longer) commitments. You will need to be sure this decision is the right one.

  • If you don't have a fenced yard,...GET ONE! Unless you plan to walk your dog in thunder storms when they really have to pee, a fenced yard is a must.**

  • Make room in your home for a crate. Trust me you will want one. (See dog training page for crate tips.)

  • Puppies require a lot of attention, training and patience. Even an adult dog who is new to you and the environment will take time.

What to do when you are ready to purchase a dog or puppy:

  1. Start asking around to see who has an available litter. You should have a list of people who you have previously talked with to contact. 

  2. Decide if you want a male or female.***

  3. Decide if you want a show puppy or a pet puppy. (If you aren't sure, ask the breeder to help you decide.)****

*A parent club is a club dedicated to the breed and will have information about the breed, breeders, breed history etc. It usually looks something like this: "German Shepherd Dog Club of America."

** Fenced yards can be negotiable, but most breeds need a place to run free in a safe area. If you do not have a yard be prepared for walks and find ways to exercise your dog safely. You can find information in my dog training page about types of fencing.

*** Depending on what you want, male dogs are generally more loving and willing to please, whereas females are usually more independent. However, this is all dependent on the breed and personality of the dog.

**** A show puppy is a puppy who has a high potential to be shown and will usually require that you show it or hire someone to show it. A pet puppy is exactly that: a pet. Breeders usually require this dog to be sterilized (at a certain age). These things are all decided by the breeder.

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