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Raw/Cooked Homemade Dog Food 

Dogs need 80% meat, 10% organ/bone, 10% fruits/veggies. The most important is the meat. Meat every day, organs 3-4 times per week and grain the same. They don’t have to have it every day, but they need meat every day. They need bone as well; this can be provided through ground dog food from places such as Hare-Today or Blue Ridge Beef. This 3-4 times a week is fine. They can have it every day, but their stool may become hard and powdery, this is hard to pass and can be fixed by reducing the bone in the diet. 


For dental health, dogs need raw meaty bones. You can feed a variety of bones a few times a week to give them the chewing, brushing and flossing that the bones and flesh provide. If your dog cannot eat whole bones be sure to check for plaque and flick it off and brush the teeth (coconut oil or doggie tooth paste with dog brush or soft bristle brush). Choosing the size your dog should have when ingesting a raw meaty bone goes by this rule of thumb: Don’t give them anything bigger than their head or so small that they can swallow easily without chewing thoroughly. 

Good site for sizing (I may or may not agree with all that this site says)


Some meats are not safe to feed raw because of bacteria and parasites. Fish should be cooked, and venison should be cooked (in my opinion) if not bought from a place such as Hare Today or Blue Ridge Beef. These places use pressure to treat their meat. 

They don’t really need peas or corn (these have a cellulose coating that is hard to digest). Legumes are really not good nor necessary. No soy. 


Hare Today’s website has a good calculator for how many pounds to feed your dog according to their weight.


Meat (keep frozen until use unless you are cooking it)/Protein (all with bone preferably)


Chicken- Raw/Cooked

Duck- Raw/Cooked

Venison- Raw (get from place that treats it for bacteria, ie Blue Ridge Beef, hare today)/Cooked

Lamb- Raw/Cooked

Beef- Raw/Cooked

Rabbit (get from place that treats it for bacteria, ie Blue Ridge Beef or a place that sells it for human consumption/Cooked

Pheasant – Raw/Cooked

Quail – Raw/Cooked

Lamb – Raw/Cooked

Salmon-Cooked (canned)

Sardines-Cooked (canned)

Mackerel-Cooked (canned)

Duck Eggs-Raw or hard boiled

Chicken Eggs- Raw or hard boiled




Liver (1-2 times per week is fine, remember it is the organ that filters toxins)







Raw Meaty Bones that are safe to give (keep frozen and partially or fully thaw the day before)

Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Cornish Hens, 

Legs (you may need to chop off the knobby end, some dogs won’t chew it and will vomit it up)





leg quarters (thigh and leg together)


tails (not ox tails, too hard to eat and digest)


Other (I have never fed these so not sure the results or how I feel about it):

whole prey (can be bought at Hare Today)

Lamb necks 

Lamb ribs



Fruits- Always puree










Veggies (Canned is fine just remember they tend to be overcooked)

Sweet potatoes- Cooked, never raw (too hard on the stomach)

Carrots- raw (pureed) or cooked 

Green beans- Cooked

Broccoli- Raw pureed

Cucumbers- Raw pureed

Celery- Raw pureed

Spinach in moderation (really once or twice a week is enough)

Brussel Sprouts- Raw pureed (can produce gas)

Cabbage- Raw pureed (can produce gas)

Kale- Raw pureed

Cauliflower- Raw pureed (can produce gas)

Beets- Raw pureed 

Zucchini – raw pureed or cooked

Asparagus – raw pureed or cooked



Flax (ground) raw/cooked

Chia Seeds (ground) raw/cooked









Unsalted butter (high fat)



Bone Broths

Raw goats’ milk (Answers, Primal and Boss Dog) Great for probiotics, gut health and providing vitamins, minerals and salt



Egg shells ground to a powder and added to food or homemade treats.



Recipe Ideas


Treats: Preheat oven to 350°F

3 Cups of rolled oats (half ground to powder in food processor)

Two Eggs (I prefer brown, cage free organic)

Egg Shells dried and ground to powder

1 Cup of Canned Pumpkin (add more if too dry or powdery)

1 tablespoon ground flax seeds

1 tablespoon ground chia seeds


Mix all together and roll out on a cookie sheet and bake. I just bake it all at once and then cut or break apart when cooled

If you want to use a cookie cutter add pumpkin until the consistency is not sticky and can be cut. 


Cooked Dog Food – Fish:

2-3 cooked sweet potatoes

2 cups cooked green beans

3 cooked carrots

1-pint blueberries or blackberries

1 apple

1 cooked zucchini with skin, chopped

*4 cans mackerel, drained

*2-3 cans salmon, drained or 4-3 cups cooked fresh salmon skin on

1 cup cooked barley

2 cups cooked brown rice

3 tbsp ground flax seed

3 eggs


Cook all ingredients separately. If he is picky about veggies/fruits just puree them all or mash well and mix all together with other ingredients. Portion out and freeze in bags or containers. Take out the meals the day before to thaw. Don’t leave unthawed for more than two days.


*Same recipe as above can be altered with different meats and altered with instructions below:

4-5 lbs of cooked ground beef, cooked ground chicken and/or cooked ground turkey



Partially Cooked Dog Food

8-9 lbs. of raw ground beef, ground turkey, and/or ground chicken (all combo lean and regular)

3 cooked carrots (raw is fine too, just puree)

3 cups cooked green beans

3-4 small/medium cooked sweet potatoes

2 small/medium cooked zucchinis 

1-pint blueberries or blackberries

2 apples peeled, pureed

1 banana, mashed

4 cups cooked brown rice

2-3 tablespoons ground flax seed

9 brown, cage free eggs (optional)

3 tablespoons coconut oil


Chop and cook veggies until just done, cool. Cook rice, cool. Mix all ingredients together after cool so the meat is still raw. If adding eggs wait until everything is cooled so that the eggs don’t cook. Portion out and freeze in bags or containers. Take out the meals the day before to thaw. Don’t leave unthawed for more than two days.


All of these recipes can be altered with different fruits and veggies. Just follow the list  of different ones for how to feed safely. 




Places to order variety meats and organs not found in stores


Hare Today




Places to order raw meat, additives and organs prepared for feeding


Blue Ridge Beef (individual dealers, search for one in your area)

I know a lady in Dacula, and she is incredible and is a great person to learn about raw and dog health from. She doesn’t carry rabbit unless you order a whole case (Mary Marlowe)


All Provide (they sell partially raw too)


Dr. Harveys


Primal Pet Foods


Facebook Raw Support Groups (I don’t endorse all that they do/share)

RAW & BARF feeding for Dogs

Raw Food Diet for Dogs


Stores good for people who feed raw

Food Depot

Piggly Wiggly


Nature’s Farmacy (order online or at dog shows)

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