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Crate Training FAQs

What size crate should I buy?

The general rule is your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably. 

For a puppy you should purchase a crate with dividers (your puppy will grow). Your puppy needs to have enough room to stand up and turn around as well with the addition "no potting in the crate".

You can find decent priced crates on

How long should I leave my new puppy?

The age of the puppy will determine how long you can leave them. I personally think that a good rule is one hour per month of age up to 8 months, but no longer than 8 hours without potty breaks.

How long can I leave an adult dog in a crate?

Depending on the size of your dog will depend on how long it will "hold it". Do not expect a Chihuahua to hold it as long as a Labrador. From my personal experience small, house trained dogs can hold it for 4-5 hours, medium dogs5-7 hours and larger dogs 8-10 hours (although this is not recommended). I am no expert and recommend seeking other opinions.



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